Petra is working with cutting edge technology since 2015. She has always loved to go a little into 3-dimensionality, initially with thick paint application and later with the help of the Canon UV-print technology. This huge flatbed printer not only enables Petra to work much more precisely, but also inspires her for new art projects.

Most of Petra’s works of art are ‘hybrid’ artworks – a mixture of painting and her digital creations. She either prints her digital files on her paintings or/and combines her art-videos via QR-Code or via Augmented Reality with her physical works. Petra’s artworks are all multilayered which leads into the uniqueness of her work. Even in her videos she creates a complete new visual language by combining different video sources into a new context to express her idea about the theme.

Before rusting:
Digital artwork printed on metal

After rusting:
Rust occurs everywhere where the print not is