Petra explores UV printing in combination with painting extensively. Since 2015, She experiments with the Canon UV-printer named Arizona, and creates beautiful and astounding artworks. For l years she was sponsored by the Canon-Explorer Program.


Canon Innovation Center

Due to Petra’s exceptional utilization of Canon’s UV Printing Technology in her innovative artwork, she was approached to produce 25 pieces for the esteemed VIPs attending the grand opening of the Canon Innovation Center in Dubai. Adding to the extraordinary occasion, Petra also conducted a live painting session on the same day.

Each of the artworks shared a common motif or print, but boasted distinctive finishes. This meticulous approach ensured that every VIP received a personalized and exclusive artwork, making their experience truly unique.


Luxor VIP box

At a VIP event, the Egyptian Government was presented with the Canon Luxor Boxes, which were elegantly packaged in lavish gift boxes. Each box featured a unique and framed artwork created by myself. Furthermore, the boxes were equipped with a tablet and a book. These VIP-Boxes were produced in a limited edition of 17.

To replicate the artwork for each box, a meticulous process was undertaken. The original artwork was carefully reproduced 17 times, with each iteration being individually crafted by hand. Initially, watercolor was applied to special handmade German paper, and then printed elements were meticulously integrated onto the painting using the state-of-the-art UV printing machine called ‘Arizona.’ The printing components were designed by Petra on her computer and then expertly combined with the painting. Finally, after the printing process, additional hand painting was done to perfect each individual piece.


Pomegranates Forever

Canon recognizes the significance of periodically documenting the artistic process involving UV printing. Therefore, Petra was tasked with crafting an artwork that seamlessly integrates UV-printing and non-printing elements. The incorporation of gold and neon colors in the artwork, highlights to viewers that not everything can be printed, emphasizing that the fusion of both elements is what lends the artwork its distinct allure. To capture the creation of these artworks, a film crew recorded the entire production process, presenting the resulting video at a large trade show.


Long Service Award

The Long Service Award, consisting of four pieces, serves as a recognition for Canon’s dedicated long-term employees. Every five years, employees are honored with a unique work of art as a token of gratitude. Over the course of 20 years of service, a comprehensive artwork measuring 85cm is gradually assembled. Each individual piece possesses its own distinct significance and can be appreciated independently.