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A transformation (from the Latin for mutation) generally describes a change in character, shape or structure. Transformation can take place without loss of substance or content. This is the generally valid definition.

Born in central Germany, I soon began to express my inner attitude in creative ways. Initially as a qualified graphic designer, successful in advertising as a managing director, later as a freelance artist.

My enormous pleasure in exploring different materials and techniques was already recognisable in my early work. This has nothing to do with the rendition of universal never-changing messages. I am interested in the processes on the path to something more complete, something bigger. The three-dimensionality of some of my works literally leaps out at the observer. Restructuring has taken place here to create something new. Without negating the old, proven and experienced.

In the development of human awareness there is a change from being convinced of one’s separate self to the experience of unity. Authentic inner transformation allows us to step out of our restricted psychological conditioning and mental structures into the freedom, expansiveness and peace of our own true nature. I have been able to express this inner and lifelong process, and the deep belief that our life represents a single-minded longing for a unity with God, through the constant changes of character, shape and structure in my work.

With my early works, paintings with sand and henna motifs, I express my respect and deep commitment to my adopted Arabian country through the use of sand types of differing geographical and geological origins from the various Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. SAND as a material changes shape and structure. Sand itself has undergone a perpetual transformational process. From rock to stone and from stone to grains of sand.

HENNAS, as part of the ornamental wealth of the Orient, with a spiritual and ancient background, serve to embellish the attractiveness of women. Adorning but not one-dimensionally decorative. For me, hennas are an oriental tribute to the feminine godliness of creation. Being very spiritual myself, I love combining nature and spirituality in my pictures. Hennas, formed from sand, able to be experienced optically and haptically, have supported the symbolism in my pictures since 2012.

The search for a way to draw the observer more actively into the transformational processes underlying my work led me to QR art in 2014. For the observer, it opens up playful active access to my works.

These works are no longer solely created with the help of conventional techniques, but combine tradition and the spirit of the times with the help of the Internet. The Internet, used as a creative medium, adds a further dimension to the works. In addition to the classic work of art, the collector obtains another, digital, work. This is initially hidden behind the surface of a QR code. The digital work of art, a video, a piece of music, a photo is itself subject to a transformation when the code is scanned. This active intervention by the observer permits the QR art to connect real and digital worlds, and generate completely new and surprising interpretational impulses.

I see QR art as a continuously progressing process towards new dimensions of experience. Haptic, optical and now also acoustic; virtual or traditional, able to be experienced alone or with others.
My works are no more, but also no less, than an invitation to the observer to become aware of these internal and external transformational processes – and also to adopt them mentally. I hope that my work will accompany people as a companion, a type of encouraging talisman. Constantly discovering something new in it and in themselves. Changing points of view. Accepting transformation as a continuous and deeply human process.