Petra's ArtHome

My name is Petra Kaltenbach. Active as a qualified graphic designer (visual communicator) and successful managing director of an advertising agency in the past, I now dedicate myself to painting.
I have long been researching life and beliefs. I express my observations and impressions in my art.
What are our lives like in the here and now? In our over-digitalised world, in which there no longer appear to be any certainties, we humans are increasingly developing the need for the real, for structures and also for limits. We seek security, contact, and predictability. We seek roots.
Among other things, these considerations led to my intensive examination of henna motifs in 2012. Made from sand, they added a further dimension to my pictures. With their ancient spiritual techniques, with their origins in India, North Africa and the Near East, they represent the answer to humans’ yearning for depth and structure – which now so often remains unsatisfied.
My current path through our ‘hypermodern times’ and the desire to involve observers more actively in the transformational processes that underlie my work, in turn led me to a completely new and exciting method of representing the multi-dimensionality that is everywhere sought for. Haptic and optic combined with acoustic. The real and the virtual worlds combined in a single work of art – and with great leeway for one’s own interpretation and interaction.
With my ‘QR art’, painting gains access to the World Wide Web and vice versa. The observer is invited to actively discover the work of art. It is their interventions that first trigger the transformational process of the work. The new is created here with the help of the digital world without negating the old, proven and experienced.